3 things you might not know japanese vending machines can do

3 things you might not know japanese vending machines can do

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3 Things You Might Not Know Japanese Vending Machines Can Do! Dec 8, 2015 Everywhere you look in Japan, no doubt it’s hard to miss the widespread varieties of vending machines or 自動販売機/自販機 (Jidouhanbaiki/ Jihanki) in the country. Japanese vending machines are in a completely different ballpark. Yes, they do offer the aforementioned drinks in abundance, but just as popular are the vending machines that sell hot coffee! You read that right. Their advanced technology allows them to store both hot and cold beverages in the same machine. Almost anyone in Japan can do it. Unfortunately, you might be out of luck. As of 2017, it is reported that there are no more available slots in which vending machines can be installed in Japan. I know, I’m kicking myself for missing this opportunity too. 5. If all Japanese vending machines were placed side by side, how far would they extend?

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Perhaps the most important thing to know about vending machines in Japan is that you must insert your payment first. Once you do so, the lights on the vending machine will be illuminated. Vending machines take 1,000 yen bills, 500 yen, 100-yen coins, along with 10 yen coins. You cannot use 5 yen or 1 yen coins, or other denominations of bills. In Japan, vending machines are everywhere. The majority of them sell simple things like soda, coffee, or beer. However, some offer much, much more. Here is a list of the 10 strangest things that can be bought in Japanese vending machines. In Japan you find wonderful things like fresh food, popcorn, curry or even fresh slices of apple from their vending machines. Some of you might have seen or heard about vending machines that sell underwear. Of course, in Japan anything can be found in the vending machine and when we say anything, we really mean ANYTHING!

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Japanese vending machines are at the forefront of a convenience renaissance, and no nation will ever be able to catch up. There are 5.52 million vending machines in Japan, according to the nation Image credit: @harry_sendai With so many types of Japanese sake to try, the most economical way to taste test as many as you can is via a vending machine. Tokyo Shoten, a Japanese speciality store, offers over 30 kinds of sake for patrons to binge on. Some interesting items can also be purchased from Japanese vending machines. 1. Rice. Rice vending machines are often large. In many cases you buy unpolished rice and then pay separately to have it polished by the machine. 2. Sake. Many of the oldest vending machines in the country serve sake.

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Typically, the stuff that you can find in a vending machine is quite predictable. There are your everyday drinks, such as water, juice, and soda. In fact, these drinks are said to account for as much as 56 percent of vending machine sales. On the other hand, there are also several vending machines that tend to dispense more unexpected stuff. With vending machines that sell vibrators and other sex toys, lube, condoms and anything else you might need in the bedroom, the Japanese sex toy vending machines are very popular even though their main customers are single men who are purchasing these items due to wishful thinking. These may surprise you. There are around 5.6 million vending machines in operation in Japan. To put that into perspective, there are more vending machines in Japan, than people living in New Zealand. That’s one vending machine per 23 people in Japan. With that many vending machines, you’ve got to make your one stand out from the competition.

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14 A pizza vending machine. Yes, you can also get pizza from a vending machine. This is normally for people who are starving and want a quick snack. These are usually frozen pizzas that are heated in a microwave inside the vending machine before being served to the customer. They are actually not that bad compared to the regular pizzas. Ramen – there are loads of Japanese vending machines where you can pick up canned soups in all sorts of flavours. 3. Umbrellas – handy if it starts raining. 4. Surgical masks – due to air pollution problems, quite a lot of people in Japan wear surgical masks when going out; they also wear them when travelling overseas. 24 Hour Hot Meal Vending Machines are found throughout the country in areas where there might not be a restaurant or where people find themselves after hours needing food. The items inside are frozen, and once you insert your money and select your meal, the frozen food is placed inside a microwave where it is reheated automatically.

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15 Unbelievable Things Found in Japanese Vending Machines. We all know that vending machines provide a quick and convenient alternative to finding a brick and mortar store. Japan has taken this convenience to a whole new level. As a result, there are more ven You might think, “why would I need to know how to use a vending machine?” They are pretty simple to operate, but most of them do not have any English explanations for operation or drinks. While it may be straightforward for most, it’s best to generally know how all of the Japanese vending machines function. 3.Unique Vending Machines You Can Only Find in Japan . Not only soft drinks, but you can find many interesting items being sold by vending machines in Japan. If you have a chance to go to these areas, why not go take a look? 1. Banana Vending Machine in Tokyo . You can find this vending machine at Shibuya station underground, between the

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If you answered A, you’d be close but wrong. Vending machines do have a standard height of 183 centimeters, with a few exceptions of 200.7 centimeters, but their widths can be as long or as short as the manufacturer desires. 183 was adopted because it’s about the traditional height of a Japanese house’s eaves. Japan is well known for their high tech vending machines. They sell various items like gacha goods, drinks, cup ramen, banana, and even condoms. You can find a vending machine literally in every block and every corner. You can even find some on top of mountains like Mount Takao. 3. Condom Vending Machines. These vending machines are more common than you might think! For the sake of consumer convenience, many vending machines sell items that could either be embarrassing to buy from a store or embarrassing to run out of. This includes things like condoms.

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However, in Japan, hot food from vending machines is preferable and that includes hot meat. Hamburgers, gyoza (dumplings), hot dogs and Takoyaki (minced octopus balls) are among some of the favourite savoury options on offer from the local vending machine. For about 300 yen (about $3 USD) you can have an instantly prepared, filling snack on the go. Special Japanese Vending Machines. Japan has some pretty specific vending machines, selling items we might not expect to find in a vending machine at all. Tourists can often be found marvelling at these contraptions, but to many Japanese, these machines are just a part of their daily lives. Take a look at some of our favourites below. Okay, this vending machine is more of a publicity stunt and a homage to Japan’s vending machine culture. If you do try and buy one, the machine issues you with a tube full of pamphlets. 2. Self-Freezing Coca-Cola In Japan they have Arctic Coke vending machines, where your bottle of coke appears to be at a normal cool temperature, but when you

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June 28, 2019. When discussing wacky Japanese antics, people often mention used panty vending machines to demonstrate just how bizarre it gets. For some, this is one of the first things they ever hear about Japan. As a result, many a randy tourist has traversed the country in search of these fabled panty dispensers. The vending machine may not be a beacon of quality, but it is a staple of Japanese convenience society. No visitor or resident can avoid the draw of what has become, internationally, a cultural icon of the Land of the Rising Sun. Surely, World Heritage status beckons! Japanese vending machines are awesome. They are on every corner you turn on and have a good selection of hot and cold drinks for any occasion. I would always stop by a vending machine and check out what they had every time I passed by the train station.

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The Japanese people love vending machines. In fact, there are around 5.52 million of them scattered throughout the country. Over the years, these machines have greatly evolved from being practically convenient to extremely bizarre. In most countries, vending machines typically sell snacks like chips, gums, candies, sodas, and chocolates. Japanese vending machines deliver everything. The best thing about these machines are that you never know what you'll find where. You might be at a shopping complex and come across a pet acquiring vending machines or machines which dispense makeup or other basic necessities. Needless to say, vending machines can be a lifesaver. 10 Bizarre Things You Can Get From A Vending Machine by Shawn W. Larson We’re all familiar with the machines that distribute soda, snacks, or hot coffee around town or in the workplace, but the latest advancements in technology, backed by a surge of new ideas, have ushered in a whole new era in automatic vending.

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Vending machines in Japan sell a huge range of stuff, including newspapers, hygiene products, and drinks. But even those normal categories manage to shock international tourists, since beer and sake can be purchased just like you would a soda. However, the most infamous Japanese vending machine offering is a lot crazier than that. In a country with as many vending machines as Japan, the loss of one particular type might not seem like anything to despair over, but Nichirei’s Hot Food machines were special. Unlike the standard beverage-only machines that dot Japan, Hot Food offered, as promised, all sorts of hot food. But, the vending machines are not only for food. Some of them sell things like books, batteries, underwear, even lucky charms. It seems like anything is purchasable from vending machines in Japan. Manga / Internet Cafes . Manga or Internet cafes are a place where you can get to read comics from a massive selection and have Internet access.

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If you happen to be in Japan during the colder months you can stay warm by trying one of the hot beverages from Japanese vending machines. Yes, hot! In the warmer months vending machines around Japan are filled with the standard (and sometimes also not so standard ) cold drinks, but once October comes the vending machines start offering hot Honestly, none of these answers even approaches the level of oddness I have encountered. .. Long ago, over 20 years ago, in a small grubby old town on the north back of the Tama river, I arrived by bicycle late at night. I would usually see a few Japanese Vending Machines in the subway, but you’ll also see them at the spa, at restaurants and in an alleyway. Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita and they range from typical, practical, weird and hilarious. Most of all – they are convenient. There is 1 machine for every 23 people!

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Prior to the 2002 World Cup, hallucinogenic mushrooms were legal in Japan. They were sold in little vending machines at love hotels across Japan and funky little shops. Then, worrying about an Other advantages to vending machines are that the drinks are not too expensive (you can usually get water for ¥100-¥120 JPY, or $.92 to $1.18 USD) and there is almost always a bin for empty cans and bottles nearby. Seeing as how garbage cans are practically nonexistent in Japan, it’s good to know where you can properly throw things away. Location of one vending machine. After the two poisonings, things went quiet again for the next week. The culprit appeared to have gone to ground. The brief hiatus was shattered one week later, when a young man found a can of cola under a vending machine on September 19th. By the 22nd, he was dead. Medical examiners found paraquat in his system.