9 unique vending machines

9 unique vending machines

Today’s vending machines have evolved to not only serve drinks and snacks. Take a look at these 9 unique vending machines, what they sell… absolutely eye-opening!

1. Salad vending machine

Forget junk food and sweets, check out this vending machine that only sells fresh salads.

This salad vending machine opens at 10 am every day and is surrounded by reclaimed wood decorations and carpets made of artificial turf. The commodities sold every day are mainly fresh salads and snacks. Fresh locally grown produce will be processed by the nearby kitchen a few hours before being put on the shelves. No matter what is left after the daily sales, these leftover products will be donated to the local material kitchen.

2. E-book vending machine

Amazon is trying to install e-book vending machines in different locations in the United States. The merchandise sold by the machine ranges from the $379 Kindle Fire HDX to the $20 Kindle PowerFast adapter, as well as Kindle e-readers and protective cases.

An Amazon spokesperson has come forward to confirm that the vending machine has been put into use since November 2013 and has been placed in various public spaces, shopping centers and airports.

3. Bra vending machine

Japan has introduced various interesting and special vending machines for many years. Bra vending machines have recently appeared in Tokyo.

In 2013, Japanese underwear manufacturer Wacoal launched a bra vending machine at the Une Nana Cool brand store in Shibuya. In order to facilitate your choice, there is a size chart on the machine, and the price of the bra is 2940 yen.

4. Self-service bartering machine

We put money into the vending machine and immediately get the goods we want, a bag of potato chips, a bottle of soda and even a new headset. But what if vending machines become a new method of recycling, allowing you to trade with people around you? This is the idea behind Swap-O-Matic. The vending machine project in New York wants to “transfer a culture that emphasizes unconscious consumption,” encouraging people to donate and accept free-use items.

When using Swap-O-Matic, you must first register with your email address on the touch screen of the machine. The newcomer will start with three exchange points. Donating an item will get an extra point, which you can exchange for other things in the machine. Swap-O-Matic also runs an honor system, no one will monitor whether you put a pair of earrings into the machine in order to get the Star Wars action figure donated by your neighbors.

5. Used book recycling vending machine

A Canadian woman came up with a unique way to let people enjoy reading time and time again. Her concept will make you think about what you are throwing away.

The function of recycling the book vending machine is that when you decide which book you want, you just throw in two Canadian dollars, turn the button, and the book will come out.

This is an environmentally friendly vending machine. The outside color is the same as a green apple. It is also an environmentally friendly way of reading. For only two Canadian dollars, you can pick a second-hand book and make a donation. Part of the machine’s revenue will be donated to the African literacy program and the construction of schools. Clarke plans to raise funds to install these vending machines in bus stations, train stations and hospitals in Canada.

6. Burrito vending machine

CA is the home of the world’s first Burritobox. This bright orange vending machine can serve customers warm burritos in just 60 seconds.

The taste of the burrito should be selected from the following five types: ground beef, baked potatoes, cheese and egg, pepperoni, cheese and egg salami.

7. Art vending machine

As early as 1997, North Carolina artist Clark Whittington began to transform unused cigarette vending machines into Art-O-Mat that provided original works of art. Each machine is beautifully customized (usually retro style), and they present works of art from the hands of many contributing artists.

There are about 100 Art-O-Mats in the United States, and the artworks are packaged in the size of cigarettes. These machines are distributed in various locations, such as the Whitney Museum of Art in New York and Whole Foods in Houston.

8. Bicycle helmet vending machine

The Boston Bike Sharing program considers a lot for the safety of out-of-town tourists. HelmetHub, as the first bicycle helmet vending machine in China, allows people to rent or purchase helmets. There are more than 30 helmets on HelmetHub to meet the needs of tourists.

9. Lego vending machine

The Lego vending machine on the platform of the Munich train station may be the best way to keep children happy. For parents who try to keep their children on long journeys in peace, this is simply a lifesaver. This vending machine provides various Lego toys.